New Jersey Wire Cloth Company Inc. Services

New Jersey Wire Cloth, Inc. is a manufacturer of screen belts for the non-woven machinery industries. Located in Clifton, N.J. we serve clientel worldwide with custom made indusrial belts, conveyor belts, tunnel washer belts, press belts and cooling and diaper belts.

Our belts are manufactured with polyester meshes, stainless and plain steel, bronze mesh, spiral link meshes,, ppf meshes and cfm meshes. We provide urethane food grade, heat sealed and glued edging.


We can provide a variety of seams from pin, brazed and sewn seams to endless back woven and soldered, and clipper, ultra-sonic welded and spot welded seams.


Our products are utilized world wide in a variety of industries from the food service industry to bulk product processing facilities and more. Our conveyor belt manufacturing service can provide you with custom belts, sizes, seams and uses.


We also have screen packs and circles in stainless steel, plastic and plain steel. Custom size and shapes to your specifications, guaranteed.


For more information regarding our services drop us a note on our Contact Page.

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